10 best local nightclubs in athens

Greece is among the countries with the most intense nightlife. Conveniently located off route 50 near downtown athens, our super 8 athens hotel helps you make the most of your time on the road. Typically, these are music venues were popular, mainstream greek singers perform live, however some of them can get very bad and trashy, but hey, that is also part of the experience. Nightlife in athens is not all about sophisticated wine bars and cutting edge cocktails the city’s underground clubs draw their own crowd, who find their happy place among sticker-covered walls, hypnotic lights, loud music and low ceilings.

Get to know the many faces of greek nightlife: chill out at luxury hotel bars and retro joints on the islands, while moonlight streams down on picturesque harbours. So, to answer to question a bouzoukia-nightclub may have from 6 to 15 (!!) different performers and dancers to entertain its guests. Contrary to the fairy tale, the magic does not stop at the stroke of midnight at this popular underground disco in kolonaki it’s barely even begun.

During summer we don’t just have activities to keep you entertained during the day, each night our palladium nightclub holds events after dinner as well. Nightlife in greece is not only vivid on the islands. List of best european night clubs with photos and reviews. This is one of φωταεριο γκαζι’ most popular after-hours bars.

The city center is filled with bars and clubs in every area to please everyone’s tastes. And if you think that greece is all about romance, and white buildings, here are some of the most vibrant nightlife hubs of the country which would definitely change your opinion hereafter. As athens moved out of the 1950s and 60s and into the 1970s and 80s, the music scene that the classic city is known for exploded, and with it, the bar and club scene did the same.

Actually if you walk up and down fokionos negri just about any friday or saturday night there will be live music coming out of several bars. There are many clubs around the square of gkazi, with mainly mainstream music, but there are a few options for the fans of rock and metal music, like intrepid fox, rainbow metal club and 45 moires.

Promote your permanent link – -nightclub-a6449445723 – on your website, your blog, and social media. The pub is situated very close to the kerameikos metro, and it is one of the coziest bars in athens. In summer the action moves to rooftop terraces and garden courtyards and spills out onto the pavements, or revellers brave the traffic to party at the beachside clubs.

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